Powering Wales' Future

Climate change is a fact of life, and an issue Wales will need to tackle head on this century.

The Government has a key role in reducing our impact on the environment, and making it easier for individuals and families to lessen their impact. Not enough action has been taken to tackle the Welsh ecological footprint. We rely too heavily on dirty energy, and our homes and transport generate too much pollution.

Our core target is for Wales to aim, by 2050, to end our reliance on carbon-intensive energy generation, to lower our overall energy demand through improved energy efficiency, and to produce enough renewable and low-carbon to cover our own needs and provide export potential. We will do this by incentivising and nurturing renewable and low-carbon technologies, supporting microgeneration and community-owned generation, and improving our energy efficiency.

William Powell AM, spokesperson for Environment, Energy, and Sustainable DevelopmentOur current methods of energy generation are unsustainable. Renewable energy sources must become a key component of our integrated energy generation strategy. We will encourage further use of solar, wind and hydro-power energy in Wales, not only bringing down our carbon emissions, but allowing us to reap the benefits of new industries and jobs. We will use our Jobs and Growth innovation program to ensure we have the facilities to create new green jobs in Wales as we expand renewable energy.

Sustainable transport is another important way to lower our carbon emissions. The Liberal Democrats in Coalition have worked to electrify the South Wales and Valley's railway line before 2018.

We need to tackle the emissions from people's homes as a priority, as around 25% of carbon emissions are from housing. This offers benefits not just for the environment, but for our pocket too by increasing energy efficiency and reducing fuel bills. Going green must be an option for everyone, not just those who can easily afford it. Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, Ed Davey, has developed the Green Deal, an assessed loan for owner occupiers and tenants to cover the upfront cost of energy-saving improvements such as insulation, draught-proofing and double glazing that is paid back through the savings made on your energy bills. We need to promote this scheme across Wales, so that going green can be an option for everyone. We would also outlaw the letting of the most inefficient commercial buildings (F and G rated) and move to include E and D rated buildings over time.

In government, Welsh Liberal Democrats will prioritise…

Our Energy Policy Paper, Powering Wales' Future, was passed by Conference at our Spring 2014 Conference in Newport. The Welsh Liberal Democrat target is to produce enough renewable and low-carbon energy to cover our own needs and provide export potential by 2050.It proposed to do this by supporting communities to develop their own energy through a presemption in favour of microgeneration projects and supporting community energy co-operatives; expanding community benefit funds to a regional basis; reviewing TAN8 to meet current technological requirements and reduce the existing concentration on mid-Wales; encouraging the use of offshore wind resources by offering incentives to companies to only install the highest generating equipment; and denying planning permission for fracking operations until and unless safety and environmental protection can be guaranteed to the highest standards.

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