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Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru



A healthier Wales, an efficient NHS.

Welsh Labour has let the NHS down. Although we spend more per head on the NHS than England, we suffer worse results - longer waiting times, slower ambulance response times, lower standards of treatment. Life expectancy can vary by nearly 20 years, depending on where in Wales you live.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will always be guided by the founding principles of the NHS - providing free care, when you need it, regardless of your ability to pay. Building on those principles, we will tackle the inefficiencies of the present organisation to achieve higher standards of care.

Our healthcare system faces many challenges in the coming years, challenges of providing care in rural areas, increasing demand on mental healthcare provision and an aging population. To achieve this Welsh Liberal Democrats will ensure that health and social services work in a more joined up way so that people get the support they need from the people best able to help them.

We will reform the way health care is delivered by focusing on prevention and local service delivery. Moving NHS resources into preventing ill health or the need for medical treatment in the first place has two benefits: healthier lives and the NHS saves money. We must make sure that hospitals are seen as the last resort with prevention and community treatment being where most healthcare takes place. We will prioritise investment in community facilities to ensure that people get better treatment and at a lower cost.

We need to bring our social care system into the modern age. We believe that social care must ensure that people are looked after in ways appropriate to their needs and maximising their independence. If you need social or nursing care, we will allow you to decide what best suits your needs.

We have previously proposed a Minimum Nurse Staffing Levels Bill, which would provide for legally enforceable staffing levels to improve patient care, similar to successful legislation from California and Australia.

We will extend the Welsh Liberal Democrat inspired "Health Technologies Fund" to new medicines so that Welsh patients have access to the very latest treatments.

In government, the Welsh Liberal Democrats will prioritise…