Jenny Randerson

Barwness Randerson

Jenny Randerson AM

Mae Jenny Randerson (Barwnes Randerson) wedi byw yng Nghaerdydd ers 1970au ac yn byw yn Nghycoed. Dechreuodd Jenny Randerson cymryd rhan ym materion gwleidyddiaeth yng Nghaerdydd yn ystod y 1970au hwyr, a chafodd ei hethol fel Cynghorydd yng Nghyncoed yn 1983.

Jenny was leader of the opposition on Cardiff County Council between 1994 and 1999. In 1997, she stood in Cardiff Central against the sitting Labour MP. With Tony Blair's popularity rising and Labour having a landslide result across the country, Cardiff Central was one of the only seats in the UK, where the Liberal Democrats took votes from Labour.

In 1999, Jenny Randerson stood in Cardiff Central for the new Welsh Assembly and was elected with a majority of over 3000. In 2000, after the fall of Alun Michael's first Government, she became the Minister for Culture, Sport and the Welsh Language. In 2003 Jenny was re-elected with a larger majority of over 7000 and elected a third time in 2007. She stood down as an Assembly Member in 2011 having been created a life peer.


Gardening, having friends round, going to the cinema, theatre and concerts. Learning Welsh.

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