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Jenny Randerson

Barwness Randerson

Jenny Randerson AM

Mae Jenny Randerson (Barwnes Randerson) wedi byw yng Nghaerdydd ers 1970au ac yn byw yn Nghycoed. Dechreuodd Jenny Randerson cymryd rhan ym materion gwleidyddiaeth yng Nghaerdydd yn ystod y 1970au hwyr, a chafodd ei hethol fel Cynghorydd yng Nghyncoed yn 1983.

Jenny was leader of the opposition on Cardiff County Council between 1994 and 1999. In 1997, she stood in Cardiff Central against the sitting Labour MP. With Tony Blair's popularity rising and Labour having a landslide result across the country, Cardiff Central was one of the only seats in the UK, where the Liberal Democrats took votes from Labour.

In 1999, Jenny Randerson stood in Cardiff Central for the new Welsh Assembly and was elected with a majority of over 3000. In 2000, after the fall of Alun Michael's first Government, she became the Minister for Culture, Sport and the Welsh Language. In 2003 Jenny was re-elected with a larger majority of over 7000 and elected a third time in 2007. She stood down as an Assembly Member in 2011 having been created a life peer.


Gardening, having friends round, going to the cinema, theatre and concerts. Learning Welsh.

Cysylltwch â Jenny Randerson

Diweddariadau Diweddar

  • Kirsty at conference rally Glasgow 2013
    Erthygl: 2014 Tach 11

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed announcements today that the Coalition Government will publish plans for a reserved powers model for Wales, and that 16 year olds will be able to vote in a future income tax referendum.

    Welsh Liberal Democrat Wales Office Minister Jenny Randerson made the announcements to the House of Lords today, having been driving the devolution agenda for Wales in the aftermath of the Scottish referendum.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Medi 6

    Commenting on the appointment of Baroness Jenny Randerson as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Wales Office, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

    "I have often said that it is important for there to be Welsh Liberal Democrat representation in the Wales Office so I am of course delighted to hear the news that Baroness Randerson is to join the team as a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State.

  • Jenny Randerson AM
    Erthygl: 2011 Mawrth 8

    Nerys Evans' speech today outlines Plaid's Education policy as well as their own failure. Welsh Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson, Jenny Randerson AM, said:

    "It is astonishing that Plaid Cymru have decided to attack their own record in Government. They have been in Government for four years and have not even tried to close the funding gap of over £600 per pupil per year.

  • Erthygl: 2011 Chwef 2

    Responding to the announcement made by Labour-Plaid Education Minister Leighton Andrews, Jenny Randerson, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Minister said:

    "This statement today, which has had to be prised out the Education Minister, is a response to two damning reports and it is clearly an admission of failure by the Labour-led administration over the past decade.

  • Erthygl: 2011 Ion 27

    New figures released by the Welsh Liberal Democrats have revealed that Conservative budget proposals could see the spending gap between England and Wales rise to £881 per pupil.

    The new figures come the day after it was revealed that the Labour-Plaid government has allowed the spending gap per pupil to rise to a record level of £604 per pupil.

  • Erthygl: 2011 Ion 26

    Responding to the news that the Labour-Plaid government has allowed the spending gap per pupil to rise to a record level of £604 per pupil, Jenny Randerson AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Minister said:

    "This is yet more evidence that the Labour-Plaid government is failing our children. The Welsh Liberal Democrats have warned for years that the spending gap of £500 per pupil between England and Wales would have disastrous consequences. The impact of having Plaid Cymru in the government with Labour is that the spending gap has grown to over £600.

  • Erthygl: 2011 Ion 19

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats will today urge the Labour-Plaid Government to ensure that more is done to protect the high streets and towns of Wales. During the debate in the Senedd, the Welsh Liberal Democrats will call on the Labour-Plaid Government to

    • Improve conditions for businesses in town centres by allowing local authorities to regenerate areas through Tax Increment Financing
    • Support small businesses by reducing bureaucratic red tape
    • Improve transport access to town centres
  • Erthygl: 2010 Rhag 7

    Jenny Randerson, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Minister, has branded the results announced today in the OECDs Programme for International Student Assessment as 'disastrous'.

    The results show that Welsh students have fallen behind in reading, mathematics and science. In both reading and mathematics, Wales' mean score was significantly lower than the OECD average, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. In science, maths and reading, Wales' performance and international ranking is lower than in 2006.

  • Erthygl: 2010 Hyd 25

    Welsh Liberal Democrats have today selected their candidates who will fight the South Wales Central regional elections to the National Assembly for Wales in May 2011.

    A democratic all member ballot in South Wales Central selected the following to stand as Welsh Liberal Democrat candidates for the elections in 2011:

  • Erthygl: 2010 Hyd 10

    Cardiff Central's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP and AM, Jenny Willott and Jenny Randerson today visited the Hollies schoolin Pentwyn and formally opened the new sensory unit which will providefurther support to pupils at the school.

    Funding for the unit was provided by Panasonic PLC and community groups. Jenny Willott MP said: "It is wonderful that Panasonic and other community groups chose to support such an important project in Pentwyn. Jenny (Randerson) and I would like to pay tribute to all the work that staff and pupils do at the school, and we hope that this unit makes life the school day even more enjoyable for the children."