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Labour's "astonishing" land grab could have prejudiced M4 decision

Following revelations by the Week In, Week Out programme that the Welsh Government has purchased property as far ago as 2005 in preparation for the M4 'black route', the Welsh Liberal Democrats have warned that the final route decision could have been prejudiced.

The programme has revealed that land bought as long ago as 2005 has not been declared surplus to requirements and sold off - as is Government policy.


Eluned Parrott raised the issue today through an urgent question in the Assembly.


Eluned Parrott AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Minister, said:

"The fact that land bought by the Welsh Labour Government as early as 2005 was never declared surplus to requirements, and therefore sold off, clearly shows that the 'black route' was never off the table - despite assertions in 2009 that the project had been shelved.


"But Plaid Cymru are equally guilty here, as it was one of their ministers while in Coalition with Labour who seemingly continued this land purchasing programme, and failed to sell these assets off when the project was supposed to have been cancelled. Plaid Cymru's current opposition to the 'black route' is in stark contrast to the actions of their former leader, who behind the scenes seemingly helped pave the way for it to become a reality.


"With every week that passes, new evidence seems to emerge that this road was a done deal - regardless of the views and concerns of the people of Wales. Members of the public will be rightly outraged that the consultation process has been nothing more than a sham all along, and that their views were never going to be listened to.


"With a judicial review, a public enquiry and many other obstacles to overcome, the Welsh Labour Government should just accept that their road is nothing but a pipe dream."


Listen to Eluned Parrott's reaction below.

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