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Lib Dem MP champions importance of S4C to Welsh culture

Mark Williams, Welsh Lib Dem MP for Ceredigion, has spoken in a debate in the House of Commons this morning on S4C and the role the channel plays in Welsh identity.

S4C is the only Welsh language channel in the world, and since it was established in 1982 has provided programming in Welsh for a range of audiences, including news and current affairs, documentaries, drama, entertainment, sports, education and children's programming. It is watched by more than 5 million people throughout the UK, including 3.3 million people who watched S4C outside Wales.

"S4C plays an incredibly important role promoting and preserving Welsh culture and identity," said Mark. "This is all the more prevalent in our area and other Welsh speaking areas, where S4C buttresses the education of the Welsh language, and its impact as a learning tool and aid should not be underestimated.Mark Williams

"Success stories such as Hinterland also prove that S4C can punch well above its weight internationally, and is great for the local economy. Indeed, for every pound spent directly by the production in Aberystwyth during filming, there was an additional impact of 57p on the local economy. We need to support successes such as this in future."

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