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Welsh Liberal Democrat European manifesto launched

The Welsh Liberal Democrats today launched their 2014 European Manifesto: 'In Europe, In Work' at the Cardiff based global technology company IQE.

This follows IQE's announcement today that they are to participate in a €23M European-based production project.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are making the case that being pro-European means being pro-reform.  The manifesto sets out the party's priorities for the European Parliament, including measures to:

  • create more jobs from trade within Europe;
  • help fight crime across Europe;
  • protect the environment and create green jobs;
  • reform the EU to cut waste and protect the UK's influence in the Single Market; and
  • ensure the Common Agricultural Policy continues to support farming communities in Wales and help make them more sustainable and resilient.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"We have a clear vision for a leaner, more productive Europe which supports Welsh values, Welsh jobs, and the Welsh national interest.

"A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is a positive one.  We are the party of IN.  We want Britain and Wales to stay in Europe - because that is how we keep our country strong, prosperous, safe and green.

"Our manifesto makes it clear that being pro-European also means being pro-reform.  While we are committed to remaining part of the EU, we are also committed to reforming it."

Alec Dauncey, Welsh Liberal Democrat European candidate, commented:

"On 22 May, your choice is simple: do you think Britain and Wales are better off in Europe or do you want us out of it?  The Welsh Liberal Democrats are the party of IN. We believe that Wales is better off in Europe - richer, stronger and safer.

"By being in Europe we can deliver the trade needed to safeguard the economic recovery, boost Welsh businesses, and create jobs for our young people.  Trade with other European countries supports thousands of Welsh jobs. Why would we want to risk these jobs?

"The best way of securing reform of the EU is by engaging with our neighbours, forging alliances with like-minded states and winning the argument.  Threatening exit is dangerous and won't achieve anything. It's simply irresponsible and reckless.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats are leading the fight against the Eurosceptic establishment. A vote for us will ensure your voice is heard loud and clear."


Click here to read our 2014 European election manifesto

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